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Ontario Harvestore sets the standard for feed quality, providing an efficient, first-in…first-out feed storage and delivery system. Offering a turn-key solution, Ontario Harvestore is a company built for a lifetime of satisfaction.



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With HARVESTORE'S committment to efficiency and feed quality, we continue to provide advanced technology to our customers.



XL Unloaders

XL Unloader

Expect extra large performance with an       XL Unloader. More powerful, faster and more efficient than its predecessors and     the competition. The XL Unloader meets    the demands of a modern farming     system.


Harvestore® sets the standard for superior feed quality, providing an efficient first-in, first-out feed storage and delivery system that's built for a lifetime of value.

We provide a total package approach to storage and handling for superior feed. 

The benefits to you are:

  • greater freshness of haylage and high moisture corn
  • limited spoilage and dry matter loss
  • more nutrient value from forage stored in a Harvestore
  • automated feeding options

Ontario Harvestore offers a complete turn-key solution that delivers improved storage, more consistent feed quality and more efficient feeding.


What our Customers Have to Say

Quality-In, Quality-Out Storage

Wanting to fully automate my dairy operation, have better quality feed storage and increased efficiencies, we looked to Ontario Harvestore

Marcel Steen, Celmar Dairy Ltd.

XL Unloader - One of our Best Investments

We have seen great time savings - almost 2 1/2 hours off our feeding times!

Allan & Rob Wynja

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