Dealing with an after-market builder has resulted in some serious consequences and financial setbacks for our herd...

Mike and Cordula Inauen 

The results that we achieved with High Moisture Ear Corn (Cob Meal) were very disappointing and costly...The use of Shelled High Moisture Corn and low moisture haylage is now the basis of an economical and very successful home based feeding program for our dairy today.

Merle Frye - Adieu Farms

We feel the Harvestores have less feed waste and take up less farm space so we are better able to utilize our land. Upright silos are permanent, no plastic garbage to throw out everyday...

Scott Carson - Thornlea Farms

With the Harvestore System, I have much less labour and spoilage than with bunks. Also, I don't have to keep expensive tractors around to load and mix feed...

Hans Teselink

We built a 25' x 90' Harvestore Forage Structure with a Push Button Fill Door System to replace two 20' x 80' open top silos. The Harvestore System has dramatically reduced our feed cost by $1500/month ...

ThornCreek Holsteins
I feed for fifteen minutes, twice a day and never had the chain let me down. Improving the chains delivery with the addition of "Chisel Point Hooks" reduced our feed delivery time by 20% and helped save on our hydro bill.

Marc Backx 
Our HMC stored whole in oxygen limiting Harvestore Structure provide a superior feed to corn ground into a bunker

Cees Haanstra - Grieden Farms
The feeding system is accurate, even on weekends when the help may not be...each 1700kg batch may only be out by 2-3 kg.

Jan Mulder - Ringia Farms

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