We are very pleased with the performance of our new XL 200 Unloader ... runs really smooth... good investment

Steve and Andre Desnoyer - Ferme A&L Desnoyer

We are very pleased with our new XL Unloaders

Christian and Roxanna Lafleche 

New XL 200 Unloader - low maintenance and easy to maintain

Edward and Guy Piche

We chose Harvestore Systems because ... less work, easy to handle, bottom unloading

Steve Bakker

We were looking for more storage ... the cost to build a foundation for a Harvestore Structure at our farm was more economical than for a sealed cement structure

Andre Desnouyers

The Harvestore System reduced my costs considerably

Clint and Tara Broeders 

We purchased the Harvestore System for Quality Fermented Feed year 'round ... we fill and unload at the same time

Robin, Yannick, Catherine, Francine, and Andre Blanchard

Our reason for purchasing a Harvestore System and new XL Unloader - feed quality, filling and feeding at the same time, and fermented feed year 'round

Derek Scullion
 No more Ag-bags! I like the simplicity of the Harvestore System

Doug and Tammy Carruthers
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