8900 HD - NEW HEAVY DUTY DESIGN - Call for details



8900UnloaderFor High Moisture Grains

The HarvestoreĀ® 8900H bottom unloader provides Harvestore owners with a very reliable, low maintenance, high value unloader to accompany Harvestore's high moisture grain storage units.

Proven in the field, the 8900H unloader's rugged construction offers long service life. The unit works well for any whole kernel high moisture grain, including corn, milo and barley, or as a low cost replacement unloader for existing units. The 8900H also comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Tougher construction means a bottom unloader that is built to work and last
  • Superior engineering for increased operating efficiency
  • Long lasting and heavy duty
  • Lower maintenance
  • Crop flexibility for increased usefulness and versatility

Ease of maintenance and service

  • All models can be conveniently removed from the structure at a convenient working height
  • All regular grease points may be reached from outside the structure when the unloader is in place
  • The unloader motor and all controls are located outside the structure for easy maintenance and operation.


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8900 Unloader Brochure

Hopper Bottom Unloading System

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