Slurrystore storage systems help dairy and livestock producers better manage manure to meet environmental regulations and protect the environment.

Slurrystore Waste Management Systems

Best Solution for Environmental Stewardship and Economical Manure Management

With more stringent environmental regulations, homes moving closer to agricultural operations and groundwater concerns rising, many livestock producers are realizing the economic and environmental benefits of an animal waste management system.

Designed for the proper handling, storage and utilization of livestock manure, a waste management system starts with a Slurrystore. Producers can collect, scrape and/or wash wastes into an above-ground Slurrystore, helping protect the environment and better utilizing wastes as a fertilizer.

Ontario Harvestore takes pride in helping producers design, improve and implement better animal waste management systems.

Benefits of a Slurrystore System

  1.  Nutrient Friendly
  2. Odour Management
  3. Economic Benefits
  4. Save More Nutrients
  5. Engineered to the Highest Standards
  6. Convenient, Durable and Safe

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