There is a sure-fire way to make certain your Harvestore feeding system is operating at peak efficiency. We offer a 15-point Quality Control Inspection for both grain and forage units.

Our factory-trained technicians will check over everything from testing base bolt for proper sealant through to a complete inspection of the breather bags.

The value of the feed you are storing is significant. It's important to ensure you protect your investment. Nothing protects feed quality better than a Harvestore oxygen controlled system.

The purpose of the 15-Point Harvestore Inspection is to ensure that the Harvestore System is operating correctly, in order to provide the proper environment to maintain excellent quality feed. This inspection can be done at any time and with any level of grain or forage in the structure.

The interval checklist includes:

  1. Warning/Safety decals legible and in position
  2. Ladder in position and in safe repair
  3. Cage in position and in safe repair
  4. Walkway in position and in safe repair
  5. Blower pipes and mounting brackets secure
  6. Centre fill secure and in good repair
  7. Hatch covers and gaskets in good repair
  8. Internal Breather bags, ropes and hooks in good condition
  9. External Breather bags, ropes and hooks in good condition
  10. Two-way pop valves (check mountings, filters & diaphragms)
  11. Roof - outside and inside for rust and holes
  12. Structure for damaged glass
  13. Unloader doors and seals checked
  14. Check base for wetness
  15. Site cleaned up

For more information please contact Mark by email at mplantThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 1-800-265-8303.

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